Group Members

Lisa T. Lehmann

Lisa finished her Bachelor degree in Physics at the Universität Potsdam in 2013. For her Bachelor thesis she measured the magnetic field and its variations on the K2 dwarf Epsilon Eridani. This was done using intensity spectra of the robotic telescope “Stella”, under the supervision of Prof. Klaus G. Strassmeier at the Leibniz-Institut für Astrophysik. During her Physics Masters degree at the Universität Potsdam, she had the possibility to visit Prof. Moira Jardine at the University of St Andrews to do a 6-months research project. This project grew up into her Masters thesis project, where Lisa examined if star spots could mimic the observed signature of azimuthal magnetic field rings found on cool stars, under the supervision of Prof. Moira Jardine and Prof. Klaus Strassmeier.
Lisa started her PhD degree in Astrophysics at University of St Andrews in November 2015 under the supervision of Prof. Moira Jardine. She is exploring the magnetic field morphology of cool stars at various lengths scales. Currently, Lisa is in her final year of her PhD and applies the observing technique Zeeman-Doppler-Imaging to 3D non-potential magnetic field simulations to illuminate the interpretation of cool stars magnetic field observations.
Next to working on magnetic fields, Lisa enjoys canoeing on the Scottish Lochs and exploring the remote places of Scotland.

Rose F. P. Waugh

Rose completed her undergraduate degree in Theoretical Physics in 2017 from the University of St Andrews. Despite her degree choice, in her final year she undertook her Masters dissertation under the watchful eye of Moira, into prominence formation on rapidly rotating young-suns. Having seen the light, she applied for PhDs in astrophysics in the area of stellar magnetic fields and found herself destined for another three years in sunny St Andrews, where she is currently a first year PhD student. Her research is still focused on prominence formation in rapidly rotating, young-suns, and she is particularly fond of the star AB Doradus. In her spare time she enjoys yoga, whiling away time in the local bookshop and filling up her phone memory with endless photos of her pets.


Past Members:

Dr Carolina Villarreal D’Angelo – Trinity College Dublin

Dr Victor See – Exeter