Suffrage Science Award

Moira was awarded a prestigious Suffrage Science award for her research into the evolution of our solar system, coupled with her efforts to encourage and support other women to pursue STEM.

Moira said: “I’m delighted to receive this award, which recognises the contribution of women scientists. I hope that it encourages the growing cohort of young women in engineering and the physical sciences.”

Moira was nominated by Professor Lyndsay Fletcher of the University of Glasgow (pictured below, right), who said “Moira is a first-rate scientist, driving research into stellar and planetary systems beyond our own, which is one of the most exciting and high-profile fields in astronomy… She embodies the creativity, rigour and candour of an inspirational scientist, along with large quantities of kindness and good humour. To quote a blogpost I read from an undergraduate physicist who met her, she is for many ‘the woman I will do my best to one day become’.” We couldn’t agree more with Lyndsay!

The Suffrage Science awards occur every 2 years, where 12 female scientists are awarded handmade jewellery (inspired by the Suffrage movement). The pieces of jewellery are passed on from one awardee to another, as heirlooms. Each year the awardees are nominated by the previous awardee, selected for their scientific accomplishments and inspirational qualities. Below are all of the 2019 winners.

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