Cool Stars 2022

The group enjoyed attending The Cool Stars conference in Toulouse in July!


Every member of the group presented a talk at the conference!

Sarah presenting her talk “Influence of Magnetic Cycles on Stellar Prominences and their Mass Loss Rates” in the plenary session!
Clara presenting their talk “Stellar magnetic field manifestations: prominences and flares”
Moira, a white woman, stands on the left hand side of the image. She presents her talk on helicity which is shown in the remainder of the image.
Moira gives her talk titled “Field linkage and magnetic helicity density”
Rose, a white person, gives a talk via zoom. The screen shows a flow chart of the method for calculating prominence mass loss rates.
Rose presents their talk virtually, titled “Ejected stellar prominences as a stellar mass loss mechanism”.
Simon presenting his talk “Slingshot Prominences, Formation, Ejection and Cycle Frequency in Cool Stars”.


Here we are dressed in aeronautical themed costumes at the conference dinner.

the cool stars group gather in various aero-themed gear in front of a large aeroplane.


The gang enjoyed meeting up with old friends as well as all of the fantastic science.

the extended cool stars group standing outside. University buildings are behind.
Left to right: Moira Jardine, Simon Daley-Yates, Aline Vidotto, Lisa Lehmann, Clara Brasseur, Elsie Lee, Sarah Faller, Joe Llama, Raphael (Raffi) Haywood, Victor See, Gaitee Hussain, Angie Breimann, Andrew Collier Cameron, Tom Wilson, Leslie Hebb, Ancy Anna John,Chris Watson, Josefine Gaarn, Rim Fares


You can also see Rose and Moira’s posters from the conference here:

Rose’s poster – Magnetic confinement of cool material inside and outside of the co-rotation radius

Moira Jardine – Field linkage and magnetic helicity density